• Simran

Let Love Grow

Some moments that steal your heart are indeed very simple to describe…

A laugh too painful

A light too pretty to soak in

A color too awesome to make you smile

A vibe too easy to be around

Isn't this pretty much all that you need to be present and enjoy life.

Celebrating life, and living off the big day with with a perfect weather, heartiest laughs, lots of stolen kisses and some amazingly warm hugs; is what this wedding was all about.

And yes, I got to make some rainbows also along the way!!

Sanchita and Prasoon, this journey of love and life is a long one, and trust me when I say this...it will not be a happy one forever, just like that. I just hope, on the tough days; instead of frowning and turning your backs...either of you look back and remember...

this is how we started...

this is how we loved...

this is how we lived...once...

and go back to kissing each other again.

Always give 'Love' a chance to grow.

Driven by light, fueled by emotions and ignited by an age-old tradition called 'Love'

we are photographers for the spirited souls.  

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2018 Beginnings For You.